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Sunil Gandhi is a management consultant who specializes in customer experience and financial engineering. He has been a writer since 1994 and has written in various publications on the subject of finance, management, personal development, economy and customer experience. He has written for The Smart Manager, The ICAI Journal and Journal of Bombay Chartered Accountants’ Society. Since 2010 he has been writing for his own blog Amazement. He is also an active blogger on LinkedIn. His first novel was in Guajarati in 2014 titled “Tuka Ma Tuki Yatra”, “The Shortest Journey”. His nonfiction book “The Bread is Moving“, on the subject of relevance of Customer Experience in times of Social Media, was published in October 2015. Sunil is a Chartered Accountant by education and did his management course from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. Sunil is an avid reader and traveller. He lives in Mumbai with his wife Falguni, who is a fitness trainer, his son Kunjan, an engineer from BITS Pilani-Goa and daughter Jeenal, Graphic Designer currently at Publicis.
“If you have a passion for something, you will always find the time”
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Discussion With Sunil

  • Sunil’s interest in the world of books arose during his studies for Chartered Accountancy course, which resulted in love for writing.
  • He began writing columns in newspapers on financial management. In 2003 his first book was published.
  • He began writing his first book in 2013, which was published in November 2014. This book was in Gujarati because of his familiarity with the language and relevance to the readership.
  • Professionally Sunil provides Financial advisory and Customer Experience to businesses through his firm SCGA.
  • He used Google Translate to convert his manuscript into Gujarati script. He sent the manuscript to a couple of readers including his wife for feedback.
  • He found it a challenge to publish his book in Gujarati. Since the Gujarati language market is not very established, Sunil paid to get his book Tuka Ma Tuki Yatra (The Shortest Journey)published. Writing the first draft to publishing took him 9 months, the book took another 5 months to reach the stores.
  • Sunil’s second book was titled The Highest Ignorance, and it was published in 2015. He self published it as an ebook, which was the translation of his Gujarati Book.
  • His third book is on Customer Experience, titled The Bread Is Moving.
  • His most recent book is The Fifth Idiot.
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