Is a storage vps better than cloud storage service like dropbox?

In this post, we will

In this post, we will compare the advantages or limitations of using a storage VPS (Virtual Private Server) compared to cloud storage providers.


It is a common perception that cloud storage providers like Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and pCloud are more secure than Virtual Private Server (VPS) storage or file hosting services like amazon s3. Typically, cloud storage services are designed to be secure and claim to be have fewer issues like data theft, virus attacks, system crashes that can harm your business.

Those who are more technically inclined tend to believe that
it’s always better to use vps than cloud storage. In their opinion, a VPS is less costly to use, does not require to be much technical knowledge to use, and it’s more secure than cloud storage.

So, what is better? Dropbox, or VPS? Le us take a look at each type of service before we arrive at any conclusion.

Table of Contents

I. Storage VPS

  1. What is a vps
    1.1 What is a storage VPS?
    Storage Server: A storage server is a type of server that is used to store, access, secure and manage digital data, files and services. It is a purpose built server used for storing and accessing small to large amount of data over a shared network or through the Internet. A storage server may also be called a file server.
  2. Definition from Techopedia
  1. Things to look for in a VPS
  2. Features of different VPS providers
  3. Pros and Cons of a Storage VPS

What are backup methods
What is the best backup storage device
What is the difference between storage and backup

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  1. Add some jazz to VPS storage:
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    Nextcloud: An alternative to Dropbox & Google Drive
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Should my Business use DropBox or a Traditional Server?
What’s the difference between FTP and Dropbox?
what is the best way to create a storage cloud using a VPS? I mean something easy to access from phones or desktops.

II. Cloud Storage Services

  1. Some of the popular storage providers
    1.1. ADropbox
    1.2. OneDrive
    1.3. Google Drive
    1.4. Other Cloud Storage Services
  2. Pros of Cloud Storage
    Can interrupted transfers to Dropbox be resumed?
    How do I control access to files and folders I’ve shared with Dropbox?
  3. Cons of Cloud Storage

Popular questions
Dropbox vs. Google Drive: comparing cloud storage services
Is it worth paying for cloud storage?
Which is better? Dropbox or Google Drive or One Drive?

We will leave these questions for later discussion. I have a separate post titled My Cloud Storage Journey, in which I will cover some of these points.

III. Dropbox
Is Dropbox good for storing photos
What are the advantages of using Dropbox
Is Dropbox safe to store files

  1. Advantages of using Dropbox
    FTP alternative file transfer – Dropbox lets you store files, back up data, distribute information—and replace that tired old FTP server. See why you should make Dropbox your FTP alternative. (
    What is LAN sync? – Get all the information you need when it comes to Dropbox LAN sync. Discover how you can dramatically boost your syncing speeds and what you need to do it. (
  2. Disadvantages of using Dropbox

What happens if you cancel your Dropbox subscription?
Why Should You Look Into Dropbox Alternatives?


Dropbox is a brilliant service that is loved by many but the question is whether it is better than a dedicated VPS for hosting? Dropbox gives you 2 GBs of free disk space which is pretty good, but that’s really all that you get unless you go for the paid subscription plans that start at $9.99/month. On the other hand a VPS gives you full administrative access to your server which allows you to install any software that you like.

Offline Data Access: Dropbox allows you to sync your data across all your devices and can be accessed even when you are offline. A VPS allows you to use rsync or unison to keep your data in sync across your devices.

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