Sommer Nectarhoff Profilic Fantasy Author – Part II ep45


We continue our discussion with Author Sommer Nectarhoff in this episode. Author Sommer Nectarhoff writes atleast 8,000 words per day and he has published 1.5 Million words before the age of 24. He is an originally from Chicago, who currently lives in Boston, where he goes to school. He’s always loved to read and write both fiction and poetry. His shorter pieces have been published in a variety of literary journals, and he is the author of numerous books to date, including the fantasy series The Book of Lokk. Shownotes from part 1 of our discussion are available at on episode 44 of MyKitaab Podcast

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Discussion Points

  • Translations: Sommer hasn’t considered translating his books at this time, because moving to a new market would require a different type of marketing. He would prefer to focus on his English books.
  • For him as a writer, he would not be able to judge the quality of writing in other languages when somebody other than him is writing his books.
  • If he were to look for a translator, he would expect them to be conversant with writing literary fiction and also poetry. Book marketing and distribution are the other factors that he would look for. If an ecosystem such as KDP and Createspace is available in those languages, he would prefer to consider them.
  • Audiobooks: The first two books in the Book of Lokk series are available as audiobooks. Sommer used Audible– the process of picking the narrator, making the payment, etc. were quite seamless. He had two issues with audible- first, he cannot choose the pricing. Secondly, a lot of audiobook purchases happen through audible and not amazon. Each month, there is a credit for audiobooks- so longer books get an advantage over shorter books in terms of sales.
  • His concerns for audiobooks- will the book be long enough to take advantage of the pricing?
  • For the remainder of 2016, Sommer will work on releasing the novellas and writing a project that will total a million words.
  • He believes that it is important to finish writing the series so ensure consistency with tone, plot, etc. He cites Harry Potter as an example where there were some inconsistencies between the first and the later books.
  • Sommer would wait to finish writing the series before publishing it.
  • Sommer believes that true fans do not get fatigued reading the books of the authors they are fans of. He himself is a fan of George R R Martin.
  • Sommer does the first cut editing himself. He has 5 people who help with typos, any plot holes, etc. He gets very upset when he notices a typo in his books.
  • Sommer does not use a project management or a scheduling program- he has developed systems for example he can convert a manuscript into an ebook in a matter of minutes.
  • He would look for a publicist to help him with interviews and marketing.
  • At a future point in time, Sommer would like to consider writing a book on the process of writing. he has written a nonfiction book on poetry.
  • Sommer would like to recommend his book of poetry to the listeners of MyKitaab Podcast. Title: The Art of Verse
  • As a reader, Sommer prefers to read ebooks. He reads a lot, and he prefers to lead a minimalist lifestyle.
  • His advise to authors: make sure your friends and family read the book before sending it to beta readers- to make sure that any obvious errors are caught.
  • Sommer’s book recommendation: The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemmingway– his Favourite Book. he thinks that everything about that book is perfect. Hemmingway writes to”show” and not to “tell”
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