Sassy Sunday- 13 Feb 2022 Post

Welcome to sassy Sundays today is the 13th day of my blogging challenge and yesterday after a deliberate pause on the daily publishing Mind you I had crafted yesterday’s post and it is ready to be released. I’ll be releasing that later this evening. Having back to the topic today I want to talk about the whole software as a service side of things. Now, when we are using any software in the old times, most of you who have you used Windows or a Mac machine or more recently, something like an app on your on your phone, you download it, and it’s either available for free. It’s either a trial or you pay a subscription for it. So and then there is a whole open source world. software on the server as a service, on the other hand, are mostly web based and you pay a subscription for it. So again, it’s free freemium, or it’s directly premium that is to pay for it to start using. Most of the SAS providers have some form of a freemium service, whether or a trial where where it the free version may lack some bells and whistles. If you’re trial you get the whole hub for it. It’s either for two weeks or a month or there abouts. The reason for getting into this background is that SAS subscriptions are a part of sort of life. The reason being in fact many of the SAS providers are startups themselves. Over the past six years, I have used multiple software as a service or SaaS solutions. They range from email, Cloud Storage. So social media management, Content Management System, podcast hosting, podcast creation and so on. On the other hand, you have image solutions, graphic design, video creation. We also have tools encryption tools for uploading data. That would be your FTP client, let’s say. So there are distinct categories which, and then web hosting. There are distinct categories of SAS. Under which I have or we have had multiple accounts, and over the past three days have been in the process of consolidating them and essentially, an empire of nearly 200 Odd subscriptions. Some of them active, others dormant. Many of them paid. They were really getting out of hand. They still are. But now that I know how vast the expansion is. We can start bringing some other to the madness. So before getting into individual SAS reviews, I just thought of telling you that solutions exist for a variety of things. I have not even gotten into funnel creation customer relationship management, account management, billing, invoicing, and so on. Those solutions are on the horizon for us I got her story. But for now, we really needed to get our house in order Welcome to Day 13 of this blogging challenge. Today is a Sunday and the theme is the theme is sassy Sunday where I talk about SAS or Software as a Service and the different subscriptions that we have. One of the activities I started doing over the weekend was to list out the different subscriptions that we have the SAS subscriptions that we have, and I first of all wanted to update the password. Secondly, check how many subscriptions are still valid? Because there has been a plethora of SaaS providers gone bankrupt, or that changed the terms of the service. Particularly, a lot of my subscriptions are through app Sumo. I wanted to check that. But most importantly, I also wanted to start using some of them. There are duplicates and then there are overlaps. And I wanted to have one service for a data story, another set of service or our personal clients. So this whole process of bifurcation segregation, decoupling of accounts, that has started, this will be an ongoing journey. What I discovered in the process, if I were to really segregate the sasses web hosting, Cloud Storage, center and creation, social media, marketing, content, scheduling, archiving, and so on. So these are the different SAS subscriptions that we have, and the days to come I will start organizing them better so that we can use them more effectively. So what will the new hosting structure look like? We will have two parts and everything would be divided under either of these two categories number one, for Gotha story and secondly, for personal brands for morale and I. Accordingly all the services would be migrated under one of these two cats. By extension, this not just applies to hosting an email, but also to excuse me, data storage and content delivery networks and this first phase, rather than a massive shock factor. We will take a look at shared hosting email and VPs of course, storage VPS as well because there is a direct impact on that when it comes to cloud based storage like a P cloud or a Kufa that will be probably in phase two. content delivery networks will also be taken up later. Because if we try and change a lot of things at the same time, we may end up stressing the system. Final parts stay with the SAS subscriptions and WordPress plugin subscriptions. Once this bifurcation or segregation is done, I believe a lot of duplication and redundancy is that state will be taken care of. I plan to tackle most of it over this weekend. Assessing the overall situation was also a good eye opener. Now to give you a couple of examples of how things are going to be for shared hosting each of the two hubs get one anchor or major host my w For individual brands makers host for data story, one, server management panel SAS which would include server of that for brands grip pain for Batman story. For email, there is but I will also move the two MX route direct admin accounts over to Gotha story. Individual brands all go under Amex route annual. By extension, I am also considering letting go of the MX route annual we will stick to data storage only for Zoho but I may not implement that just yet. Because remember, make us host also offers email services
This post was updated on 2022-02-18