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Coffee Table Books in India Saanjay Sethi is a veteran in India’s book publishing industry with over three decades of experience in in Publishing, Media, Broadcasting and Education. He has worked with Wolters Kluwer, Macmillan Publishers, Sony Entertainment, Times of India Group, Addison Wesley and McGraw-Hill. He founded Matrix Publishing Group in 2010, and followed it up with Roots and Shoots, a Limited Edition, Luxury and Coffee Table imprint. His other entrepreneurial venture includes Leapfrog Publishing Consultants. He is a mentor, speaker and a visiting lecturer at business schools. Our guest received his bachelor’s degree in Publishing from Delhi University where was a recipient of the National Scholarship from Government of India during his undergraduate degree days, and he received the Chancellor’s Medal for his post graduate studies. Listen To Part I of the Podcast Episode By Clicking Below

Part I

Discussion With Saanjay About Coffee Table Books

  • Saanjay believes that convergence has taken place in every medium except in books.
  • He is of the opinion that both the format and the content of the book together drive the sales.
  • For example, a picture book can be in a digital format, where the description of the picture is narrated in someone’s voice. Amar agrees, and adds that an e-book can have links embedded within the text, or the mp3 audio file is embedded within the ebook. This way for example, if a book is describing the folk music of a particular area, the reader can click the link and listen to the music instead of merely reading its description.
  • In 2012, Saanjay used QR Codes in a business book. Medical students can use books that have QR Codes in them, which will take them to videos of surgeries, instead of texts that will describe the procedure.
  • Ford Motor Company has used custom publishing very effectively. They published a book titled “Story of a Car” which was a biography of Henry Ford, but in effect, this book was a commissioned work- history of the Ford Motor Company.
  • A non-print book can be video only, audio + video, audio only, or a combination of text and audio+video.
  • Leapfrog Publishing Consultants work in the space of “building your brand through books.” They help authors in structuring their books, and convert content in a presentable format.
  • Matrix Publishing Group offers what Saanjay referes to as “GuestWriting”. This is an extension of the guest blogging concept, and this is separate from Ghostwriting. In a guestwritten book, the content is still provided by the author on record, but the guest author helps in structuring and formatting the book. The author acknowledged the efforts of the guest writer. In ghostwriting, the work done by the ghostwriter is not recognized publicly.
  • Saanjay believes that there has never been a better time than today for translations and regional language books. The advent of ebooks has nullified the challenges of book distribution to a great extent. In an age when even a child can read an ebook on a smartphone, books that are rare, hard to find, or out of copyright can be easily made available as ebooks. For out of print books or books where the copyright is still with the publisher, translators can pay small royalty for translation.
  • One of the advantages of custom publishing a book and Coffee Table Books cited by Saanjay is that the author gets to keep 100% of the profits, that is more lucrative than the 10 percent royalty they typically earn. For nonfiction books, or for authors who conduct lectures or are training sessions, this can be a very good opportunity. They can also directly sell the books through amazon, for example.
  • Sanjay also notes that his publishing group can help authors in setting up legal entities under which they can publish all their upcoming books.
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