My Reviews on amazon- January 2022

Below are a few reviews I left this month, for purchases made through amazon in December 2021. these include Logitech Wireless mouse, Shower Curtain and drain cleaner. All reviews need not be for technology stuff, after all!

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amazon reviews- Jan 2022

Logitech Mouse I ordered this mouse for my primary desktop – the keyboard+ mouse combo (also Logitech) I use on this machine was sent off to the Raspberry Pi4. I have a couple of wired mice – but I thought it was time to get a new one, since a mouse is one of the most used accessories. I had mixed feelings about Logitech- the mouse from a previous keyboard + mouse combo had died within 1 year, and replacement experience was let us say sub-optimal. But this mouse did the trick ! Small, lightweight, fast. Absolutely plug and play on my Linux Manjaro machine. Was impressed that the provided the AA battery for it- and it was protected from discharging using a label. One less thing to worry about :finding a AA battery. The adapter is inside the mouse itself. I knew this from experience, but for a newcomer it could be a little confusing at first. I inserted the adapter in the USB hub for my desktop, and voila! We were in business. First impressions after nearly 24 hours of installation- this mouse gets a thumbs up. Make the packing more robust and I am sure there will be more 5 star ratings. ==================== Shower curtain This is our first non-plastic shower curtain. Makes me wonder why we did not buy it sooner. Color is dark brow- gives a new character to the bathroom. Water resistance is good. I was concerned about the fabric beginning to stink if it stayed wet in a moist environment. So far that is not the case. ======= Drain Cleaner We are blessed with a lovely dog who likes to shed hair. That means clogged drains in bathrooms, and we have to constantly clean them. Kitchen sink- you know the story well. Keep two layers of drain covers, and STILL you can clog them. We used to unclog the drains using the “Bird” brand in blue packaging. But it had a strong odour and made me wonder if its regular use would corrode the pipes. Treading on the side of caution, we replaced it with this brand. If the chemical composition is health (human, animal and environmental) friendly, might revise the rating to full Five Stars. ========
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