Random testing with Speech to Text Programs

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The rise of Speech to Text programs

During the early 2000’s, when the news of carpal tunnel syndrome began to make news, the topic of Speech to Text software began to get discussed quite a bit. One software in particular made news- Dragon Naturally Speaking. This was a Windows program where one could dictate and the software would convert the words to speech. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and its cousin, RSI (Repetetive Strain Injury) still exist, but technology has enabled more use cases for Speech to Text: I find it very convenient to use this tool to dictate my blog posts. In this post, I have published output from a couple of alternatives to otter.ai. Over the past few weeks, I have explored a few apps other than Otter.ai (which I use extensively and love!).The reasons for considering alternatives to Otter.ai are: a. It is always nice to be aware of alternatives to one’s SAAS of choice. b. Languages: otter provides transcription in English. For Hindi and Marathi, I have to explore options anyways. c. Otter does not offer the option to pay via Paypal and I was not keen on entering my credit card details. Note: as on October 2021, Otter have confirmed that I can pay via my Apply ID. I may act on it. Enter a plethora of apps: a. Dictanote b. Android speech to text converter c. iOs speech to text program

Are the speech to text programs any good?

The proof is in the pudding. Below is the output from a couple of programs:

Dictanote Pro

Post the status why yes just let her wife alphabet and the reason for doing so is when I had started using on web browser on my MacBook Pro I had connected the microphone and somehow none of the words are getting recorded and transcribed as I’m sure I want to say why is this happening and the only word that Bhat pick up from the party I thought it was quite funny let it be the way it was but now that I have been able to figure out how to narrate record transcribe it’s actually working out quite well no complaints on that front as of now I will keep posting all Marathi and Hindi asWell if you can’t go well I may continue with right now there a drop in with you Karen Ya microphone I can disappear and I am writing but nothing is getting recorded and password so with that in mind while to offer using the speech to text app seems to have partially positive

Otter.ai on iOs using Hands free

Recorded while walking: so quite a few oops’es
Note: I would really like to know which email service is offered by Dr. Koh
Privacy focused email service providers concept has taken some prominence over the past few years, and then also gained significant sindelle light of multiple data breaches and also email servers themselves being exploited. With that in mind, I will talk about five services that I have tried or used or planning to use, and these are tutanota proton mail. Then his mail fits for this. Dr. Ko, email, and finally, as a larger film. He will relay services themselves. Most of them have premium versions and most recent one being the Go email account from Dr. Koh, and I’m not really sure how the signals shape up in the times to come.

iOs keyboard mic, transcript by ios

Note: one long paragraph, no breaks for sentences. But quite good quality output. Now let me see how good is the dictation that would be speech to text that comes out of the iOS device of course I am home now and I am using the default Apple or iOS dictation device and I have the hands free at the via Bluetooth hands-free text that I am using so this one does not have noise cancellation maybe later I may try it with a noise cancellation option but looks like much of the art capture and the conversion from speech to text is happening rather flawlessly which is an encouraging sign indeed.
Notes by Amar Vyas, August 2021. This post has been updated in February 2022. You may like to read a realted post, Rise of Text to Speech Apps: Podcasters’ friend or foe?
This post was updated on 2021-08-12