How to Write a Book While Commuting- Rachna Singh, Author ep 05

Rachna Singh is a consultant in organizational development. She lives with her family in Bengaluru (Bangalore) and considers herself as an accidental author. She wrote the manuscript for her first novel during her commute in the famous traffic jams of Bengaluru. (Mark Dawson is another author who wrote his books while commuting to work) Rachna dabbled with writing in different genres before settling down on humor. She would like to be known as a humor writer. If not a writer, she would like to be a food critic

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Discussion with Rachna

  • Rachna’s blog covers her story of fighting breast cancer and the chemo therapy sessions, and her post: wishlist for Christmas is as insightful as it is hilarious.
  • She did not believe that her manuscript would be any good and did not approach any publishers.
  • Her recommendation for debut authors: do your homework on the publishers, and have patience!
  • Manfodganj is the working title of her forthcoming book, which will be published in May 2016.
  • She believes that her family’s support has been very helpful in her struggle. Particularly her husband Alok.
  • The one book that Rachna would like to recommend to the listeners is “Dave Barry Does Japan” which is in the humor genre.
Resources and References mentioned in the podcast: Rachna’s Books
        About Rachna Singh Rachna is a humor writer who covers topics of love and organizational development. She believes in living in the moment, cherishing life as it comes, and reaping the most of every moment. As a breast cancer survivor, she blogged to exemplify her approach towards life. She was born in Allahabad to a humorist father, and a writer and poet mother. Her Corporate career is in the areas of Learning and Organizational Development. She is married to Alok and is the mother of two children, Aisha and Prithviraj. Her debut novel ‘Dating, Diapers and Denial’ was published in 2012. As on December 2015, she has 4 books under her belt, including a collection of short stories. Her blog is a light and fun hearted read, but with a deep message on how to stay positive when life throws a curveball or two at you.
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