Pixelied for Graphic Design: September 2020 Update

This post is a follow up to my review of Pixelied from July 2020. Learn about new templates, search feature for fonts, and more.

I was on a call yesterday with Dawood, the creator/ developer of Pixelied. During the call, he walked me through a few of their updates. I looked back at my review from June/July this year, the updates in September 2020 are impressive.

Pixelied: Graphic Design Tool Similar to Canva

Since I first reviewed Pixelied, I have also done a similar review for DesignCap, and have started using Crello and Tyle quite regularly. Earlier, I had used Stencil and Promo Republic. In the coming weeks, I will write my reviews on these graphic designing tools.

Major changes in Pixelied – September 2020

The biggest change I noticed as soon as the homepage loaded was- Templates. The templates for Instagram, facebook and Podcasting (and Soundcloud Headers) are really impressive. The images and colours are bright and they catch the eye.

Templates for Podcast Cover Art. Blog of Amar Vyas
Slow loading of images in Pixelied Editor. Blog of Amar Vyas
Slow loading of images in Pixelied Editor

Changes to Pixelied Editor

The editor panel seems to be re done. It looks clean and responsive. I liked the search feature for fonts. Loading the templates still takes time, but the waiting time has reduced. Some templates are for the premium (paid) plan only, similar to Crello or Canva. My trial account was downgraded to the free tier.That limits the extent to which I can look under the hood this time around. For example, resizing the images requires a paid plan as well.

image resizing options in Pixelied. Blog of Amar Vyas
Resizing images in Pixelied

Sample images reated using Pixelied

Creting Multi Sized images using Pixelied
Multiple sizes for design images created using Pixelied
Saved Designs in Pixelied Library
Editor Menu for Pixelied. Bog of Amar Vyas

A Note on Podcast Cover Art

As the cofounder of a podcast company and host of a podcast myself, the podcast templates are a huge plus. Many beginner podcasters are faced with the dilemma:

“Where do I get or create my podcast cover art?”

I know we did. Back in 2016, Fiverr and Upwork were the default choices, which was trial and error. Or, you asked around in podcasting communities or facebook groups for podcasters, and so on. The podcast templates I see are quite attractive, and one can put together a template rather quickly.

Pricing Plans

Dawood and I discussed this briefly. Pixelied is in a crowded space for the lifetime deals for graphic design: there are several deals that have taken place on Appsumo and other places for Lifetime SAAS deals.

I can see that Relaythat, Crello, Stencil are some of the direct competitors. And by extension, Tyle and DesignCap. Appsumo themselves have had 6 or 7 deals in the graphic design space. Then there are blogs that list multiple alternatives to Canva.

To set themselves apart from the mainstream, Pixelied should find a niche among creators, and we discussed some possibilities along that side. The monthly pricing plan stands at nearly US $ 8. One may expect a discounted deal around Thanksgiving / Black Friday.

Pricing Plans for Pixelied. Blog of Amar Vyas.

Wrapping it up

I will leave you with a gallery of images I have created using Pixelied. I consider myself to be an amateur graphic designer with a little eye for the arts. In spite of these limitations, I found this tool to be extremely easy to use and helpful. If the development continues the way it is taking place now, Pixelied could be a good alternative to Canva in the times to come.

Gallery not found.

Update December 2020: Pixelied is offering a Lifetime pricing on Appsumo.

This post was updated on 2020-09-23