Optimole Image Optimizer and CDN

In this post, I write about a Optimole, an image compression and optimization plugin for Wordpress During the remainder of April 2020, I aim to use this plugin.

Introduction: Optimole

I tried using Optimole Image Optimizer and wordpress plugin on a trial basis. I learnt about this plugin and tool when I was researching for Image compression and optimization programs. At present I am trying out the free version, which allows for upto 5,000 visitors per month.

Update: April 23, 2020:

I have disabled the Optimole plugin. Not because I had any problems with it, but because I am buttoning down the CDNs and optimizers I am using. You may read my experiences with this plugin below. I think the biggest issue was the subdomain, followed by the fact that I ended up locking myself out and could not retrieve my account details. Which is not the provider’s fault, but it was a trigger for me to abandon ship.

Five Image compression services

Below you will find some screenshots from the installation, configuration, and usage of this plugin. I am typically loathe to use fee version of apps or services these days, but decided to give this plugin a try nonetheless. I already have the following image optimizing and resizing tools:

a. Shortpixel

b. Tinypng

c. 10Web

d. Gumlet

You may wonder why I decided to try out a fifth service when I already have four. Well, this gives me an opportunity to try five image compression services for this blog, as well as some other sites. This includes my author site (amarvyas.com), daily blogging site (blog.amarvyas.in) .

Dashboard for Optimole Account- the API Key is required for activating the WordPress plugin
Login page for Optimole site
Pricing Plans for Optimole
Javascript code for Image Optimization- Optimole
Image-size-reduction- Optimole on this website
Dashboard of Optimole Account

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