How The Logo for MyKitaab Podcast Evolved

I thought of posting how the logo for MyKitaab Podcast has evolved over the past few months.

Jorney of a Logo

It all began with a sketch on paper (now unfortunately lost), but then my wife used Canva to come up with the first concepts back in August 2015. We thought that Blue was a cool color, and this is how the first cut of the logo looked like.
MyKitaab logo- old
one of the older versions of the logo
A month later, we tried out hand at Canva again, this time opted for an orange and black combination. Note the cool looking book that came with it.
Logo for Mykitaab- orange
Logo for Mykitaab- October 2015
We did some A/B testing with a few folks, including the very friendly and helpful people on Podcasters’ Paradise facebook group. A third version of the came up as below by the end of October.
Mykitaab Podcast- Old logo
Old logo of MyKitaab Podcast
My wife and I thought that we were getting there. One of the consistent feedback from the Podcasters’ Paradise Group was that we should get the logo made by a professional. Once the color scheme was finalized, that’s what we ended up doing. Off to Fiverr we went, and since the design was not very complex, a few days later, we had a few concepts sent back by the artist. We were almost there, we felt, a few more tweaks and we could be done. Somewhere along the process, the icon for the book disappeared, but the microphone remained. At first I thought that the print book should remain, just the way it was in the version with the orange background. But by then our philisophy regarding book publishing had changed. A book in my and my wife’s opinion need not only be in print format! So we accepted the version that the artist had sent. A couple of tweaks later, the below version was finalized.
Mykitaab podcast has a Logo!
Update August 10, 2016: We had changed the logo of MyKitaab Podcast temporarily to the below logo, but we went back to the original blue logo as it fit well with the theme for the MyKitaab brand. alternate logo of Mykitaab Podcast
This post was updated on 2016-04-08