How to listen to MyKitaab: Podcast on Book Publishing

In this post you will learn about the different ways in which you can listen and subscribe to MyKitaab Podcast.

On this page I have listed down How to listen to episodes of the MyKitaab podcast. Update June 2021: This post was originally published in January 2016. Since then, much has changed in the podcasting world. New players and options got added, some services are no longer in existence.I have updated the list of different ways in which you can listen to MyKitaab Podcast, current as on June 2021.

How to Listen to MyKitaab Podcast

You can listen, subscribe, download the episodes, and leave a review on the below sites or apps. The above are some of the many ways that I am aware of. I am sure there will be many more. Some day when Google Music allows listing of podcasts from India, (as of August 2016, it doesn’t) I will add that to the list.

Wrapping it up

My former boss used to say “there are many ways to skin a cat.” And I am a firm believer of this philosophy.With that in mind, different ways you can listen to MyKitaab Podcast listen are listed above. They are not necessarily in order. Feature Image: Pexels.

If you like the podcast episodes…

I had one request: if you like the audio content, please let a review on Apple Podcasts, or your favourite app or website where you listen to this podcast. I will greatly appreciate it! You can reach us in the following ways: Twitter: @mykitaabcast email: contact at mykitaab dot in

Image:  Jessica Lewis from Pexels

This post was updated on 2016-01-10