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Dave Chesson is a Husband and a Father, a successful Kindlepreneur and Online Marketing Ninja. Dave is in his early 30s and has close to a decade of experience in the US Navy. He is also a nuclear engineer and being a military kid he has lived in all corners of the globe. Dave is passionate about books, specifically Kindle e-books. He has spent enormous time in understanding and learning the tricks of online marketing, and has created 27 different websites and backs himself with years of experience practicing SEO. He’s often referred to as SEO expert for Authors and an amazon algorithm nut.
“If you want to sell the books, don’t sell them for yourself. Sell them for the market.”

Discussion About Kindlepreneur

  • Dave believes that self discipline is the key to success. For example, he used to get up at 3:30 AM, now he He used to watch 1 movie every day, now he has stopped watching TV altogether. Practically he has created one extra day every week in his life.
  • Content creators should spend more time creating content and not consuming it.
  • Dave focuses on one thing at a time. When he works on one project or idea, he totally dives into it, as a result of which he is able to accomplish much more in life.
  • He has an interesting back story behind his profile image on Twitter, which was taken in Sri Lanka.
  • Dave spends majority of his social media time on facebook. He zeroed in on that platform after looking into google analytics.
  • According to him,
    “Kindlepreneur is all about teaching people advance book marketing tactics so that they can increase the sales of their books.”
  • Dave writes epic posts that dive deep into one aspect of marketing, and some of them go upto 4,000 words. Steve Scott calls it the best advise on how to select title for your book. He cites the example of McDonald’s – who conduct market surveys and test market the ideas.
  • SEO, Internet Marketing, Web Design, Social Media are terms that are typically alien to most authors. But in today’s world, where book marketing is as important, it is important to learn these skills.
  • Dave believes that giving away high value content for free will add tremendous value to the target market and customers. He believes in Internet Karma: you do good things to people and then good things happen to you.
  • Dave has 27 websites including Kindlepreneur. Except for Kindlepreneur, other sites are niche sites. There were very few sites which provide specific information in terms of high value content, the website ranked #1 on google, and Dave self published a book based on that content and was able to sell them on amazon.
  • Dave’s advise to authors: Focus on high demand, low competition markets. Dave believes that India is one such market. While the demand might be low, the competition is also low.
“The Key is to Do the research and knowing that the market exists.”
  • Kindle Sales Rank Calculator: The only way to figure out whether a book is making money or not is to find out through the Amazon Book Sales Ranking (ABSR). Usign data from multiple authors, Dave developed ABSR to get an estimate of how much the author has earned every month. The Kindle sales rank calculator is 100% free.
  • Dave believes that Webinars are a powerful tool to increase. For example, one of Dave’s sites- Kindle Rocket is a way to find out the market potential for a book. Webinars are a great way to educate users on how this works. Webinars is a great way to walk potential customers through the entire process.
  • Book Recommendation: The One Thing by Gary Keller. This book inspired Dave to start focus on one thing at a time.
  • Dave likes listening to audiobooks and can consume two or more audiobooks every month.
  • Dave’s recommendation for authors: Market the book when the author has decided to write a book.
  • He takes 4 hours every day to respond to emails.
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