How to Schedule Podcast Interviews

Using Google Spreadsheets to Schedule Podcast Interviews: keeping it simple

December 15, 2015
Note: I had originally written this post in December 2015. Over the past three years, new tools, techniques and processes have emerged. I thought of updating this post with these changes.

Screenshot from Vimeo showing the video tutorial : How to schedule podcasts using google spreadsheet

I use Google Spreadsheets to schedule interviews and release episodes. I manage my schedule: contacting guests, record interviews with guests and releasing the podcasts. As on December 17, 2015; I have recorded 22 episodes, and the pipeline is looking good- with commitments upto end of March! This video will show how I made the long list of guests, how I contact them, follow up and confirming the time. (Which as I learnt recently, can also mean how to keep rescheduling!) You can view the video below to see my scheduling spreadsheet:

Scheduling guests for MyKitaab Podcast from Amar Vyas on Vimeo. This video can also be accessed on Vimeo

Update January 15, 2015

33 Interviews discussions recorded. 3 out of them are sub-par in terms of audio quality, which brings me back to 30.

This post was originally Published in December 2015 on MyKitaab Podcast website.

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