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In this episode, we talk about Ebook publishing in Indian Languages with Dailyhunt, which is India’s India’s largest regional language e-book store. Ravanan Natarajan is Vice President – Dailyhunt eBooks and exam prep. In this podcast interview, Ravanan talks about the story behind this ebook app, the evolution of ebooks market in India, translations, book publishing trends, book marketing for regional languages of India, copyright, and future plans in print on demand and book marketing services. Updates and announcements Amar Vyas is participating in Camp Nanowrimo and is aiming to complete his novel Urban Sophisticated; which is Book Three in Amol Dixit Series. Kamakshi Media’s other podcasts: Baalgatha, the Podcast on Childrens’ stories, has been receiving a good response. Upcoming NRI Podcast- link to NRI The Book. This podcast was scheduled to be released in May, but the delay occurred. Listeners from India: Please leave a review on iTunes we would really appreciate it. Podcast on Book Publishing: Starting this episode, MyKitaab Podcast will provide a two minute summary of one of the many fine podcasts on Book Publishing .This week’s recommendation is Sell More Books Show, which is hosted by Jim Kukral and Bryan Cohen. This show has trends, updates and news on book publishing. Occasionally, there are guests on this show who share their knowledge and insights. This show has great chemistry between the hosts- who keep pulling each other’s leg, and the friendly banter adds a lot of fun to the show. Jim Kukral’s advise was helpful in the launch and continuation of MyKitaab Podcast. Please subscribe to the podcast on iTunes; Stitcher Radio or on Google Play Campnanowrimo: Amar is writing Urban, Sophisticated- book number 3 in Amol Dixit Series You can listen to the interview by clicking on the play button (white arrow) in the image below Discussion- ebook Publishing in Indian Languages
    • Ravanan is a runner and he participates in half marathons. Amar and Ravanan discuss the similarities between running and writing- both require focus, discipline and practice.
    • Ravanan joined Dailyhunt when the company was one year old. He also looks after the exam preperation business.
    • Dailyhunt is witnessing a lot of activity on the mobile exam prepearation space. This is relevant because India is a mobile- first country when it comes to accessing the Internet.
    • MyKitaab Podcast features a guest interview every Tuesday and has a news and analysis cast
    • Publishing sales cycle in India has two distinct patterns- January to May, the exam preparation guides sell a lot, and July onwards, fiction books sell more.
    • Verse Innovation, the parent company, acquired Dailyhunt in 2012. Dailyhunt was originally called Newshunt, which was set up with the idea of publishing content in Indian languages. ebooks side of business was started as an upsell but as the traffic and downloads grew, they began to focus on the distribution (supply side) of content.
    • Nearly 97% of books in India are not digitized.
    • Dailyhunt takes the content in any format and digitizes it. Some of the typical challenges include multiple formats, multiple formats (one language can have as many as 700 fonts!)
    • Dailyhunt wanted to make the books affordable, by increasing the supply making the distribution and payments affordable (through mobile operator billing), and selling the books chapter wise (serialization).
    • Only 12% of Indi’s population is familiar with English. Over Two Thirds of Indians can consume content in non-English language.
    • Dailyhunt has a team of ten language experts who verify the books for an potential copyright issues. Dailyhunt prefers to carry books of known authors and publishers. This could be a challenge for Dailyhunt one they get into self publishing.
Dailyhunt is working on supporting authors with marketing tools. They can help authors in finding translator, but the do not want to get into translation space Int heir experience, many Indian authors are very finicky when it comes to translations. Ravanan cites the example of Author Amish Tripathy.
    • Upcoming developments from Dailyhunt include Print on Demand
    • Dailyhunt encourages authors to send the content in digital form, though they would prefer that authors or publishers should submit electronic copies of the manuscript.
Dailyhunt App gets 7 million users very month.
  • They are working on a store within a store model for publishers, and a Print on Demand as a Value added service.
Links and Resources: publishing your book in Indian Languages Dailyhunt website Episode of MyKitaab Podcast where I review Dailyhunt Dailyhunt on facebook Growth of Dailyhunt- Tech In Asia Article Dailyhunt on Google Plus Twitter: @dailyhuntapp Ways to contact Ravnanan yourfriends at dailyhunt dot in N Ravanan on LinkedIn He can be reached over email at ravanan at dailyhunt dot in
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