The Power of Vedic Maths: Author Atul Gupta ep41

Author of book on Vedic Mathematics: Atul is an alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology Powai, and he is the bestselling author of The Power of Vedic Maths. We talk about Atul’s journey as an author- from completing the manuscript to the experience with publishing.

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About Vedic Mathematics

Vedic mathematics is gaining widespread popularity among the student community as well as maths lovers. The absence of a book, explaining the techniques in a simple language, has been felt acutely for a long time. This book has been written using a step-by-step approach, and attempts to fill the existing void. It includes several solved problems in addition to 1000 practice problems with answers. It also includes a special chapter which shows the application of the techniques to problems set in competitive exams like CAT, CET etc. People from all walks of life including school and college students, teachers, parents and also those from non-mathematical areas of study will discover the joys of solving mathematical problems using the wonderful set of techniques called Vedic Maths. Atul Gupta is an author, practitioner of the Vedic maths, and works in the field of software development. The books written by the author cover a wide range of topics. Some of them are Information Technology (For C.A. PCC/IPCC-Group II), 4 Social Networking, and Illegal Insider Trading: Is it rampant before corporate takeovers?. He graduated with a B.Tech degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. He is presently the Principal Technology Architect at the Microsoft Technology Center, Infosys Technologies Limited. He has been a part of the software industry for more than two decades, and has worked on COM, DCOM, C, C++, and NET. Gupta is the founder of the Achievers Academy, where he takes classes for Maths and Science. He also helps candidates prepare for competitive exams like CAT, AIEEE, and IIT-JEE. He conducts workshops at the Nehru Science Centre, and other educational institutions. He has been the recipient of the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award for 6 years in a row.
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