How Technology is Changing Hindi Book Publishing Market: Alind Maheshwari (Hindi) ep68

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Alind Maheshwari is associated with Rajkamal Prakashan, a Hindi language book publisher from New Delhi, India. He talks about the impact of technology includes ebooks, audiobooks and App for the publishing house. We discuss the submission process for manuscripts, book publishing and distribution, translations, and international sales.

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Discussion with Alind

Rajkamal Prakashan was started by Om Prakash Singh in 1947. It was pudchased by Sheela Sandhu, Alind’s father purchased the business fro Sheela Sandhu in 1994. Notable Hindi authors such as Hazariprasad Dwiwedi and Phaneeshwarnath Renu were represented by this publishing house. Many of the books published by Rajkamal Prakashan are commissioned. They approach authors who are subject matter experts in their respective fields. They also accept unsolicited manuscripts. The manuscripts are reviewed by the editorial team and then sent to third party experts.Following this, the author is contacted and a publishing schedule is set. This is when the marketing plan is also finalized. Timeline from submission to publishing is about six months. The schedule for publishing is determined in advance, particularly for commissioned books. The timeline may vary depending on the category of the book. The books are distributed through the online sellers. For distribution through traditional channel, on a monthly basis, the information about the book is also provided alongwith the books to help the distributors understand the genre of the books.

Market for Hindi Language Book Publishing

According to Alind, the market for Hindi books is growing, particularly the youth are keen to read. The reason for the growth in market is because publishers are publishing books that are finding more acceptance among the young readers: romance, short stories, satire are some of the genres that are doing well.

Ways to contact Alind

Alind can be reached over email by clicking here.
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