Celebrating Episode Number 50 of MyKitaab Podcast!

Welcome to Episode 50 of the MyKitaab Podcast! We celebrate Episode  50 of the MyKitaab Podcast with a big Thank You to all the listeners and the supporters. This episode is different in many ways. This is a solo cast, and I talk about some updates, learnings from past interviews and finally what would the next phase of MyKitaab Podcast look (and sound) like. I have also added excerpts from two audio files- a sort of “How It All began”.

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Updates: Journey beyond episode 50 This podcast episode was recorded on my new podcasting “Station”- using a Raspberry pi. You can read more about it on my post on Medium.
  • MyKitaab will change its format starting this week. We will move to a two times a week show. After considering the feedback from some of the listeners, we realize that releasing multiple episodes a week can lead to listener fatigue.
  • On Tuesday we will have an interview with a guest, while on Wednesdays, we will discuss stories about book publishing in India in the news and analysis cast. I will also include more information about regional languages of India in the podcast episodes that will be released on Wednesdays.
  • Included in this podcast episode are audio snippets from two of my past interviews, including my interview on the Indian Startup Show where I talk about my book, my writing and MyKitaab Podcast.
  • I have also added excerpts from the first ever Audio interview that my wife Mrunal and I had recorded. You can listen to entire interview here.
  • Comments, feedback and suggestions are welcome! You can write to us via the following ways: email: contact at mykitaab dot in Twitter: @Mykitaabcast
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